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Awards We Have Received For Our Pages

Thank you to everyone who has visited our site and given us an award for the work we've done on it. It means so much to both of us.

Judy Bruner & Sarah Davis

Thank you so much to my good friend Haydee who gave me these 3 awards! Thank you for always being there for me, for listening, supporting me in everything I do. I'm so thankful that we had each other during those restless, sleepless nights and all of the years in between then and now! Love ya!

Thank you to my dear friend Maria, for these two awards. And most especially for little "Christopher Robin", who has a special place in my heart. ~ Judy

Thank you so much to Angela (left) & Kelly from for creating these beautiful awards for us!

Thank you Cuppy, who gave us this award
in memory of her beautiful granddaughter, Melissa

Thank You Lady Eve for making this beautiful plaque
in memory of Ashleigh!!!