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Judy's Child Loss 4 Moms Support Group
~Chicago Trip ~ June 22nd - 23rd, 2002 ~

We took a trip to Chicago to meet some members of Judy's Child Loss 4 Moms online support group. Peg, Shirley, Melody, and Melody's daughter Cara who Sarah has talked to for over 2 years now all met up with us. Since Peg was flying in from Boston for a conference on spinal muscular dystrophy, we all decided that we needed to meet in person. We had an incredible trip, and it was so much fun!!!

We were so surprised to be able to meet a former member of Judy's group, JoAnne, who has lost her two baby girls to SMA. Joanne and her husband Rob have formed a foundation to raise funds for reseach into undiagnosed illnesses. The foundation is called BridgeMar (in memory of their daughters Bridget and Maranda).

We realized there was a chance Joanne might be there, and hoped we could catch up with her sometime while we were there. After all the travel to get there for all of us, the whole group opted to go down to the pool and swim and relax for the afternoon. After we'd been there awhile, Melody made a trip from the pool up to the room, and on the way back down she saw a man who had on a shirt that said "BrigMar". She asked him if he knew JoAnne, and amazingly enough he did! In fact he was Rob, Joanne's husband!!!

As it turned out we had been with them for a couple hours in the pool and not even realized it, it was so insane!!! She was SURPRISED to say the least!! It was quite a first time meeting for us all!! It all worked out so incredibly.

JoAnne just happened to have Angel pins for sale for their fundraising that said a "Team of Angels"!!! So we each got one considering we all felt that our team of angels; Ashleigh, Ben, Brian, Taylor, Bridget and Maranda had gotten us all together. I think if we had waited any longer to find each other they would have somehow gotten us to push each other in the pool! *Laugh* As we talked and laughed thru our tears, we looked to the heavens and said "thanks kids"!!

Saturday Afternoon At The Pool

Left: Shirley, Cara, Sarah, Melody, Judy, Joanne, & Peg
Right: Shirley, Melody, Cara, Monica English, Judy, Joanne, & Peg

Shirley, Judy, Cara, Melody, & Peg

Saturday Night Getting Ready To Go Out

Sitting On A Bench Outside Our Hotel
Judy, Shirley, Peg, Cara, & Melody

Saturday Night At The Woodfield Mall

Judy Posing With
the Jeff Gordon Dupont Car

The Rainforest Cafe

Left: Judy, Cara, Shirley, Peg, & Melody
Right: Cara, Sarah, & Judy

Sarah & Cara
Posing With the Talking Tree!

Eating Supper At A&W Restaurant
The Best Chicago hotdogs!

Left: Peg, Judy, Shirley, & Melody
Right: Cara & Sarah

Saturday Night After
Some More Pool Time

Peg, Cara, Melody, Joanne, Jacob, Shirley, & Judy

Sunday Morning

Sarah Saying Goodbye to Joanne
Before Heading Off To Church

Saying Goodbye
And Taking Group Pictures Before Heading Home

Left: Peg, Shirley, Cara, Judy, & Melody
Right: Shirley, Peg, Cara, Melody, & Judy

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