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"Please be Gentle"

Please be gentle with me for I am grieving
The sea I swim in is a lonely one,
and the shore seems miles away
Waves of despair numb my soul
as I struggle through each day

My heart is heavy with sorrow
I want to shout and scream
and repeatedly ask, "WHY?"
At times, my grief overwhelms me,
and I weep bitterly
So great is my loss

Please don't turn away
or tell me to move on with my life
I must embrace my pain
before I can begin to heal
Companion me through my tears
and sit with me in loving silence
Honor where I am in my journey,
not where you think I should be

Listen patiently to my story
I may need to tell it over and over again
It's how I begin to grasp the enormity of my loss

Nurture me through the weeks and the months ahead
Forgive me when I seem distant and inconsolable
A small flame still burns within my heart
And shared memories
may trigger both laughter and tears

I need your support and understanding
There is no right or wrong way to grieve
I must find my own path
Please, will you walk beside me?

Jill Englar