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Sarah's Sibling Loss Links

While I was trying to find other surviving siblings like me online, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a woman who was to become one of my very best friends. She invited me to join a new group she had started for teenage surviving siblings. In March of 2000 I joined and the next year I joined her adult group also. I'm still an active member in both groups, and I am now the owner of the teen group. These are both great groups for sharing memories, talking about our siblings with someone who understands, and making wonderful new friends who really care about one another. In these groups I have found the very best friends that I could ever ask for. Members in both groups can have a memorial made for their siblings. If you are interested in joining either of these groups please click on the graphics below.

Sibling Loss Support Message Board

This is a message board through
There is a board for each of the following:
The Long Journey, Recently Lost a Sibling, Dealing With Depression,
Just For Teenagers, Favorite Memories, Message to Your Sibling,
and Dealing with Grief (open for anyone wishing to discuss any kind
of loss and grief)

"We each have lost a brother or sister.....there are times we really need support for ourselves.....we merely want a place that we can talk about our siblings."

Great site for all perspectives of grief,
includes a really good message board for siblings

This is a site made by a friend of mine who I met through my sibling loss adult support group; it's about all the aspects of sibling grief

"A Support and Resource Community for Surviving Adult Siblings"
Message Board & Weekly Chats

Sibling Web Sites:

Abbie's Brother, Billy

Amy's Brother, Christopher

Dora's Brother, Danny

Eric's Big Brother, Cory

Haydee's Brother, Michael

In Memory of Our Brothers

In Loving Memory of Our Brothers & Sisters

Kaylee's Big Brothers, Devon & Sidney Stants

Jake's Little Sisters, Bridget & Maranda

Jodi's Brother, Josh

Kristen's Little Shining Star, Rachel

Lily's Little Sister and My Best Friend;
Kristen Madeline Chase

Nikki's Big Sister, Mandy

Sarah's Brother, Josh

Stacey's Sister, Sarah Marie

Valerie's Brother Vaughn

Ziz's Brother, Michael

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