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Dark Sunshine

My life has been full of dark sunshine. There have moments as beautiful and as full of hope as the very brightest stars in the sky. Yet in betweeen these, there are always times as dark and treacherous as thunder clouds on the stormiest of nights.

The darkest point in my life has been the death of my sister. Ashleigh was always bright, full of vitality and spirit, and then she was gone. There was suddenly this huge void in my life and heart. An emptiness is there now that will never again be filled. Because of Ashleigh, I have dark sunshine.

Sisters mean hope, dreams, and friendship. Sisters are treasures meant to be cherished always. But her memories are sweet sorrow, wonderful yet tantalizing reminders of a past that is gone forever. Giggles, secrets told during long nights of restless sleep, tears and arguments, and finally making up and laughing again. Sunflowers and smiley faces, Barbie dolls and Disney movies, dance recitals and talent shows, singing and playing, happiness and dreams: these are the things that are Ashleigh.

By remembering her smile and her life, I get through all the trials and hassles that life dishes out to each of us. She'll forever be close to my heart, and I look for there always. And with her beside me, I know that I'll make it.