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Everything's falling down
Crumbling beneath my feet
Leaving me floating in empty space
Pelets of hot embers shower from the stars
They burn and sear with a fierce pain
That aches deeply within

I don't understand why I can't control my world
Flower petals smash me like bullets
Throw me away and leave me with nothing
I want to escape
Wander away into my mind
My hideaway
And never return
Stay in my secret retreat and bolt the doors
Allowing no strangers to enter

But the fire reaches my sancuary
Finds me deeply ensconsed in my sheltered kingdom
Pulls me out, pushes me down, and rushes me away

Undo the bonds that tie me to this world
Free my arms and let me fly

Wish upon a star
And hope it will be true

Lie close to me
Wake me from this nightmare
My dream of reality

Woke from my restless sleep
It wasn't a dream
The hurt is real
Take it away
Shove it into a far off corner

Maybe if I close my eyes...
No, it lingers still
Just a trace
Far beneath the thick layers of guilt that block my vision

Every little thing is a reminder of the one
Who is missing from my life
Grab the shadowy hands of the clock
And twist them into a powerful whirlwind
To capture all of the wonderful yet tantalizing memories of the past
A past that can never be brought back or relived
An emptiness never again to be filled

Recollections of her come tearing through the numbness
A trail of tears follows
Blazing over my face
A face that once looked upon her
But never will again

She now lives only in my heart
My playmate, confidant, sister,
And most of all: my best friend

I will always love you, Ash